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Viko Ltd. - filters manufacturing

VIKO Ltd. is among the leaders of the Bulgarian market in the production of filters and filter elements. The company’s products are high quality and comply with market requirements and the recommendations of elite manufacturers in the filter industry. Their effectiveness is guaranteed by the input materials supplied by leading European companies in the field of filter production.

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Filters and filter elements

VIKO Ltd. is a company specialized in the production and trade of filters and filter elements applicable to a variety of industrial machines and equipment, construction and agricultural machinery, filters for air conditioning and ventilation systems, vehicles and many more.
We try to stay up to date and keep in stock filters and filter products for your machines, systems and engines. We can offer you air filters with application in various fields of the industry, oil, fuel and hydraulic filters and elements, cabin filters for agricultural machinery and vehicles, etc.

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Expanded metal mesh

Our production equipment allows us to produce expanded metal mesh with rhomboid and honeycomb holes. It is used in the production of filters, furniture, decorative or protective grids, sieves, cages, etc. By the customer’s request, the metal mesh can be produced with other possible technical parameters.

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Machined metal parts

Towards the end of the 90s of the last century VIKO was also engaged with design, construction and production of machining of spare parts for printing and other machines, exporting to other European countries. We offer machining of various types of parts.