About Us


       VIKO Ltd. is a leading producer of automotive filter elements in Bulgaria. Our product range includes variety of filter elements for cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, agricultural and specialized machinery (tractors, combine harvesters, etc. ), as well for construction equipment and air-conditioning systems.

       Our filter elements are high quality products, which meet the market requirements and recommendations of the leading manufacturers in filter industry. The effectiveness is guaranteed by the materials, supplied by the main German companies in the field of filter production. The company is an experienced official supplier of FERRA FILETR and FIL FILTER products.

       We also have experience as a major supplier of machined parts and details to German and Swiss companies. The equipment we have allows the machining of various kinds of parts. We design and produce parts for the machine building industry, assemblies and offer machining of details on customer’s requirements such as:

          - rotating parts
          - prismatic parts
          - punched parts
          - aluminum and iron castings